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Been working as a Engineer in Grand Cayman since 1983. Traveled to 82 dive destinations around the world from 1975 to 2001 and then married my technical dive instructor in 2001 that owns Divetech in Grand Cayman.

Underwater Photography, Sailing, Golf, Snow Skiing and eating healthy.
Favorite Dive Destination out of 82 in the world:
#1 Grand Cayman
#2 Bonaire
#3 Taveuni, Fiji
Sports Fishing or any type of fishing. Divers and snorkelers touching or feeding marine life including Dolphin Parks and Shark encounters.
Retired Engineer
Certification Agencies:
Certification Level:
Logged Dives:
Years Certified:
Favourite Dive Destination:
#1 Grand Cayman
#2 Bonaire
#3 Taveuni, Fiji
#4 Palau, Micronesia island hopping
#5 Bunaken Marine Park, Indonesia
#6 Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Ultimate Dive:
#1 Diving the USS Kittiwake in Grand Cayman
#2 Diving the sponge belt at 260' in Grand Cayman
#3 Diving the White Wall in Taveuni, Fiji
#4 Diving Raja Ampat islands (awesome coral formations)

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