Sport Diver joins in with world record attempt

Wave 105 DJ Simon Clarke has broken the record for the longest underwater radio broadcast, and Sport Diver was there to witness the event.

The previous record stood at just over four hours - a time easily beaten during Simon Clarke’s regular daily show slot of 11am - 4pm.

The event was hosted by Andark, filmed by Solent University and produced by H20 Films. Sport Diver and Suunto backed the event as media sponsors.

Wave 105 broadcast the show live from the underwater habitat for more than five hours, with Simon Clarke remaining under the surface for every minute of his show.

Many of the hundreds of thousands of listeners emailed, texted and Tweeted in with good luck wishes and support.

It was these words that helped Simon through. While the challenge might not seem all that daunting for established divers, Simon could not even swim prior to undertaking this challenge. He had never scuba dived either.

At just gone 4pm Simon breached the surface to applause and cheers from all those supporting the challenge from the poolside - about 50 in total!

It was a great day for all involved, including Sport Diver - the event was produced by online columnist Bryan Stanislas of H20 Films and supported in interview format by another SD scribbler, new back-page columnist Paul Rose.

Well done Simon!

This record is yet to be officially verified by Guinness.

For a full write-up of the day, including insights from the event producer and DJ, check out the February issue of Sport Diver.

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