Sleep submerged in underwater hotel room!

Underwater enthusiasts now have the amazing opportunity to spend a day and night on their own private floating island, where they will travel below the water to sleep surrounded by marine life and corals, thanks to diving holiday specialist, Regaldive.

Located off the white sand coast of Pemba, Tanzania, Regaldive’s new offering is part of the all-inclusive Manta Resort. Enjoying unparalleled views of the underwater world from the comfort of their own bed, visitors will sleep four metres below the surface, and can enjoy sunbathing and stargazing on the top deck, or lounging and dining on the water deck.

While dipping in and out of the warm waters that surround the island, divers can admire a wide variety of beautiful tropical fish species, manta rays, whale sharks and dolphins, in addition to brightly coloured gorgonian sea fans, corals and sponges. Those staying on the island between August and early September can also hope to see Humpback whales as they migrate north.

Those looking to explore the rest of the area during their time in Pemba can make the most of the numerous dive sites accessible from the north and south of the island. Divers have a good chance of encountering mantas at Manta Point, while those more taken with overhangs and caverns can travel to Fundu reef or Njao Gap, where diverse marine life including turtles, eels and large triggerfish can be seen.

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