Sea-Changers gives 14 grants to UK charities

Sea-Changers, the marine conservation fund-raising charity, has completed its autumn grant allocation process and has made grants ranging from £250 to £920 to 14 UK marine conservation charities and projects. The grants, which amount to the value £6,337, are an exciting step up from the 14 grants made in 2012 and 2013 to a range of projects around the UK.

The chosen projects are of a practical nature such as coastal clean -up activities, on-land and underwater research and educational events. Some of the funded projects are:

• Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - periodic non-native monitoring project for the Yorkshire Coast
• Liverpool Bay Marine Life Trust - shark tagging of various species in Liverpool Bay
• MARINE life - Lyme Bay Project
• Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust - SeaSearch Dive Survey
• Project Seagrass - Seagrass Training Pack
• RSPB - Bogside Flats Cleanup and Workshop
• Newquay Marine Group - Events Calendar
• Liverpool Museums - Marine Microbe Day
• Seawatch Foundation Boat Survey
• 2 Minute Beach Clean Project
• Porcupine Marine Natural History Society, Data Gathering Project

(More details about a number of the projects can be found in the notes below, the full list will be published online at

Gabriella Gilkes, from Newquay Marine Group, said: “Without Sea-Changers’contribution, we would not be able to run the initiatives or the events that we are planning. With Newquay mentioned in the latest proposed Marine Conservation Zone tranche, it’s more important than ever to be able to evaluate and educate about our local area and protect its many natural assets for future generations - Sea-Changers’grant is essential to our work.”

Maya Plass, Sea-Changers’ patron said: "It is such a pleasure to be patron for Sea-Changers. Every time that new grants are allocated it is a real thrill to see which projects are benefiting from the fantastic team of businesses and other ‘sea-changers’ who have committed to help raise funds for marine conservation. The research and monitoring of the sharks, dolphins invasive species and other marine life within these projects not only shows the wealth of marine life in our UK seas but also helps to justify the policy for their conservation. In addition to this, the awards facilitate fun, educational and awareness raising activities which are at the heart of promoting the conservation of our bountiful seas. These awards clearly show the breadth of appeal that raising money for Sea-Changers really has and just how much difference it can make. So if you have a business that would like to be a Sea-Changer then please do get in touch!"

Sea-Changers was established as a charity in May 2011, with the sole purpose of raising funds for UK marine conservation projects. Since then, individuals and businesses all around the country have been joining a growing body of ‘sea-changers’ keen to protect the seas around the UK by supporting this important cause.

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