Meet the Moken with FreediveUK

Amateur freedivers are being invited to visit the Moken, one of the last remaining groups of sea nomads.

FreediveUK has been invited by the tribal elders to bring a small group of freedivers to visit them on their island off the coast of Thailand in February 2014.

The aim of the trip is to learn from the Moken about their traditional way of life, which is now in danger of extinction due to external pressures of the modern world. In return FreediveUK will teach the younger generation of Moken to help re-establish their traditional skills in freediving.

Further to this expedition FreediveUK has announced its on-going collaboration with Project Moken, assisting in raising awareness of the tribe’s plight.

The Moken’s ancient culture is being destroyed by outside interference and commercial fishing enterprises. In the past ten years alone the population of free-roaming Moken has gone from more than 10,000 to well under 2,000. Without intervention there would be little hope for the survival of the Moken, which is where Project Moken and FreediveUK aim to help.

The February 2014 trip will provide an opportunity for FreediveUK and Project Moken to look into possible ways of assisting the Moken to protect their way of life. The tribe will be provided with more efficient freediving equipment that will enable them to reach fish essential for feeding their families. Over-fishing by commercial boats has meant fish can now only be found in deeper waters, virtually impossible for the Moken to reach using traditional techniques.

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