Marine artist auctioning painting for charity

British marine life artist Nick Oneill is auctioning an original painting entitled 'Fin$', with the winning bidder able to choose which marine life conservation charity will receive 100% of the profit.

This special mixed media painting (the fins are made from real US dollars) was made to highlight the ever growing problem of shark finning and how sharks are perceived in some cultures.

Nick said: "According to Support our Sharks ( it is predicted that up to 273 million sharks are killed, by humans, every year. This equates to almost 750,000 sharks every day. With so many sharks being taken from our oceans the time for action is now."


A few months ago a print of this painting was sold for £215 for SOS, so it is hoped a significant sum of money can be raised from the original.

For further information, as well as the auction itself (which runs from 14/06/2013to 21/06/2013), click here.

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