German dies in Sharm el Sheikh shark attack

A German woman has died after suffering a shark attack in the popular dive resort of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

The attack comes soon after three Russians were attacked while snorkelling in the Red Sea last week. The German woman was also snorkelling.

The incidents have baffled officials and marine biologists who state that while shark attacks are extremely rare, to have so many within such a short period of time is unheard of.

As such, suggestions have been made that there is something else at play rather than simply a ‘rogue shark’. Illegal fishing and feeding have been touted as possibilities.

A further incident that is facing consideration is an Australian cargo ship which dumped dead sheep into the sea a couple of weeks ago.

The Egyptian authorities have come under fire from a variety of people unhappy with the way in which the situation has been handled.

Having originally promised to ‘relocate’ the shark in question, two oceanic white tips have since been killed.

However, these two fish were culled before the most recent attack leading to questions as to whether they were involved in the original attacks at all.

The Chamber of Diving and Watersports (CDWS) has suspended all diving and watersports activities off the coast of Sharm el Sheikh today (6 December).

International marine biologists have now been drafted in to investigate.

The mainstream media’s handling of the issue has irritated many within the dive community, including Sport Diver’s very own Mark Evans. Check out his blog for his take on what’s going on in Sharm.


DIVING UPDATE - 2pm - 06.12.10

A statement from the CDWS reveals that while snorkelling and watersports will remain suspended until further notice, divers with more than 50 logged dives will be able to participate in scuba activities run by CDWS members in the areas of Tiran and all sites south of Naama Bay from tomorrow.

However, diving does remain completely banned at this time in the area between Ras Nasrani to the north of Naama Bay where the Ras Mohammed National Park teams are currently working.


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