EuroTek.2016 Diver of the Conference Award

The EuroTek Diver of the Conference Award is given to 'an individual who you think has achieved outstanding milestones within the sport of advanced and technical diving'.

In 2014, cave explorer Jason Mallinson won this award.
The four Lifetime Achievement Award nominees were Phil Short (technical diving instructor trainer and cave explorer), Rich Walker (technical diving instructor trainer), Sami Paakkarinen (technical diving instructor and cave explorer), and Pascal van Erp (Ghost Fishing Foundation).

The nominees

The EuroTek.2016 Diver of the Conference Award went to Cristina Zenato, who was described as 'a dedicated modern day pioneer in the traditional sense of the word, finding and discovering places where literally no human bas been before'. Cristina is known and respected throughout the cave community for significant searching and pushing of virgin caves, mostly solo and on open-circuit sidemount equipment, but is also highly regarded throughout the diving world for her work with pelagic and apex predators.
Originally from Italy, she is an SSI Platinum Pro 5000 recipient, a Women Divers Hall of Fame inductee, a member of the Explorers Club and the Ocean Artists Society.

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