EU and US sign anti-pirate fishing statement

An important first step has been taken in global efforts to eradicate the unsustainable practice of pirate fishing.

The European Union and United States have signed a bilateral statement highlighting the need for international cooperation to effectively combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

This practice poses a serious threat to marine ecosystems. It is wreaking havoc on local and global economies. It robs subsistence fishermen of their livelihoods.

SeaWeb has worked for more than a decade on this and other critical ocean issues, collaborating with representatives across the seafood supply chain, raising awareness, and providing support for industry leaders to influence policy and the behaviour of their peers toward a more sustainable future for the ocean.

Visit to learn more about pirate fishing, including the EU and USA's work on the issue, an interview with Steve Trent of the Environmental Justice Foundation, an Ocean in Focus image from the Marine Photobank, and facts about pirate fishing in the High Seas. Also don't miss this video about IUU fishing on YouTube.

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