Divers to help release baby lobsters into wild

A team of scuba divers from Cornwall will be releasing hundreds of baby lobsters into the sea as part of a major marine conservation project.

The team will be depositing the lobsters on the seabed near a 17th century shipwreck off the Plymouth coast.

The dive is being done on behalf of the National Lobster Hatchery, which is donating the baby lobsters and masterminding the environmental conservation programme.

Their experience and skills have been enlisted by Mark Pearce, a diver and Visits Licensee of the Coronation ship wreck, a British gun ship which sunk off Penlee Point, Plymouth in 1691.

As Visits Licensee for the wreck, he monitors and controls who is allowed to dive on the wreck and two years ago, The Coronation Wreck Project decided a no take zone would be enforced on the area meaning no sea life can be brought to the surface without permission.

Mark, 40, a butcher by trade, said: “[The wreck] is an ideal place to release the lobsters because with there being a no take zone in place, it will hopefully give as many of the baby lobsters as possible a chance to grow and I think it is a fantastic project to be involved in.”

The drop is set to take place towards the end of April.

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