Divers invited to hunt for treasure on 1622 Spanish galleon

Certified divers can work alongside professional treasure salvage experts in excavating the wreck site of a 1622 Spanish galleon during a series of week-long dive adventures set for mid-June until mid-August 2013.

Participants in the Atocha Dive Adventure will join the effort to recover artefacts and treasure from the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha, which sank in approximately 55ft of water 35 miles southwest of Key West.

In 1985, shipwreck salvager Mel Fisher uncovered an estimated $500 million of the Atocha’s treasure and a large portion of the vessel’s structure - a find widely regarded as one of the modern era’s most significant underwater discoveries.

Crews led by the late Fisher’s family continue to search for the ship’s sterncastle, as well as the gold and silver bars and coins that are listed on the Atocha’s manifest but remain undiscovered.

Each Atocha Dive Adventure includes training in commercial treasure salvage techniques, behind-the-scenes tours of the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum and laboratories where Atocha artefacts are conserved and two full days of diving the site with salvage experts seeking the galleon’s sterncastle. Any participant who discovers gold, silver or artefacts will be awarded previously conserved Atocha pieces of equal value, up to $2,500, from the Fisher family’s private collection.

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