Diver snaps rare shot of Tiger shark nicking camera

A diver in the Bahamas had his underwater camera nabbed by a cheeky Tiger shark providing a great photo opportunity for a fellow photographer.

Dutch diver Karin Brussaard snapped this unusual shot while out testing new camera equipment off the Caribbean island.

As a fellow member of the dive team approached one of seven Tiger sharks in the area for a better shot, the subject took the opportunity to nick the camera from the diver’s hands.

A bad hair day - or the shark equivalent! - was obviously being had. Either way, the shark clearly got out the wrong side of its seabed that morning…

Ms Brussaard revealed she’s never seen anything like it and that the scene provided for a great photo.

She said: “I couldn't believe it. It swam away with it and we all just looked on in amazement.

“Luckily it dropped it and remarkably the camera only seemed to have a couple of scratches. Once back on board I looked at my photos and realised what we’ve got.”

More shots by Karin Brussaard can be found here.

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