DDRC unveils news 'Flying after Diving' research project

Since 2008, DDRC Healthcare has been conducting its ongoing "Health of Divers" project which has encompassed a broad range of health issues from the use of illicit drugs to more recently, mental health. Now, in 2016, the researchers are turning their attention to "Flying after Diving".

Since the 1980s there has been much debate about the issue of flying after diving, with workshops in 1989 and 2003. Case reports have been discussed over the years, and recommended times to fly after diving have been debated, as well as the results of the first in-flight study of real-life dive exposures which was published last year (2015). 

Hyperbaric chambers often see and treat divers who have come back from a diving holiday and present at a chamber with possible DCI problems. Because of this DDRC Healthcare is interested in finding out a little more about divers who fly home after a diving holiday - what type of diving were they doing, what was the actual surface interval between their last dive and when they flew home, did they experience any signs and symptoms of possible DCI during the flight? If so, did they seek any help, did any problems they may have experienced go away, what did they think was the probable cause, and so on. 

The information the researchers at DDRC Healthcare hope to gather will be valuable in trying to understand a little more about the subject of flying after diving. As such, they are asking divers to complete an anonymous online questionnaire. If you have been on a diving holiday for example and have taken a flight home; or maybe you have been diving at home and then take a flight to go on holiday. Any "been diving and then caught a flight" scenario, DDRC healthcare would like you to participate. 

Please note: You do not have to have experienced any problems before/during/after a flight to take part; DDRC would like to hear from all divers who have taken a flight after diving even if it was trouble free.

Participating divers are advised to have their logbook handy when they fill in the survey.

To take part in the survey, visit

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