Clean up Lake Windermere with Paul Rose

BBC presenter and Sport Diver columnist Paul Rose is building an army of divers to tackle the issue of rubbish in our waters.

Having been a part of a successful clean-up operation in Lake Geneva that served to highlight the perils of in-water debris, Paul decided the issue needed highlighting here in the UK. And what better place to do it than the stunning Lake District?

The Ocean Debris Dive Day will take place on 2 March at Lake Windermere, and is open to all divers who wish to take part. For those who have non-diving partners, there will be plenty of need for surface support. It’s free, fun and brings light to an important issue.

The rubbish collected from the bottom of the lake will be turned into art and auctioned.

Paul said: “The amount of debris entering our seas is so vast that it’s practically immeasurable. And as our oceans are the largest, least understood and least protected ecosystem on the planet, it can be difficult to grasp the problem.

“By debris-diving inland lakes and then producing beautiful works of art from the rubbish I surprise and engage large audiences in the ocean debris issue.

“When we look at the rubbish collected from my lake dives it's easy to draw parallels with the ocean debris as it brings things into a smaller scale. When I'm not at sea I bring the sea and its messages inland!"

At the heart of the beautiful Lake District National Park, Lake Windermere is the largest lake in England. Its pristine waters are the pride of the nation and by collecting the rubbish from the bottom we are cleaning up the lake and drawing important parallels with the ocean debris issue.

Teams of divers will make a series of dives in the Bowness area of Lake Windermere to collect debris from the lake bottom that has accumulated over many years.

This underwater “treasure” will be transformed into beautiful sculptures and objets d'art by school groups. These works of art will then be displayed and auctioned to raise funds for charity.

The Plan:
Debris Dive HQ is at The Lake District Boat Club
Registration and briefing is at 09:00
Diving will be from 10:00 to 21:00
The diving area extends from the Royal Windermere Yacht Club to Ferry Nab.
Car parking, registration, toilets, food, debris handling supplies, debris collection, press and media centre is all based at The Lake District Boat Club and the Bowness Glebe area.
Free car parking has been arranged for all debris divers and volunteers, courtesy of South Lakeland District Council!
All diving groups, clubs, independent divers and shore based volunteers are welcome.
To register as a diver or shore-based volunteer please contact Michelle Parker at Impact International:

Special rates for debris divers and supporters at these recommended hotels and B&B's. Mention Paul Rose Debris Dive when booking!
Brierywood Hotel O15394 33316
Lindeth Howe 015394 45759

Car - M6 to Junction 36, A591 17 miles to Windermere, A5074 through Windermere to the lake. Look for Debris Dive volunteers.
Train - Oxenholme Station then connect via train or taxi to Windermere.
Local Taxi - Pegasus Taxis 015394 48899.

For more information, visit Paul’s website:

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