City worker succeeds in shark fin soup campaign

A city worker has succeeded in persuading a handful of Chinese restaurants to remove shark fin soup from their menus.

Shark fan and Bite-Back supporter, Paul Banoub, has convinced one of London’s most prestigious Chinese restaurant chains to stop selling the dish - an achievement that could have a significant impact on the industry in London if other outfits follow suit.

Paul teamed achieved his feat with the help of UK shark and marine conservation charity Bite-Back.

The Imperial City restaurant at the Royal Exchange, Cornhill, and four other oriental restaurants in The Orchid Group chain last week stopped selling shark fin soup.

Paul, a financial IT manager in the City of London, said: “Earlier this year I declined a business lunch at the Imperial City restaurant simply because it sold shark fin soup.

“But, rather than simply stepping over the issue, I chose to invite the restaurant to end the sale of shark fin. I’m enormously proud that these restaurants have made an ethical decision for the protection of the oceans.”

Since 2000, the Imperial City restaurant has been selling shark fin soup to bankers and businessmen in the heart of London’s financial district.

Now this prestigious restaurant along with the Pacific Oriental in Threadneedle Street, the Hokkien-Chan in London Wall, the Sri Nam in Canary Wharf plus the Gatwick Oriental at the Sofitel Hotel have all removed shark fin soup from menus.

Graham Buckingham, campaign director at Bite-Back, said: “People forget that sharks are the lions and tigers of the oceans.

“They deserve the same levels of respect and reverence as their terrestrial counterparts and that’s why today’s victory sends a signal to the world that we don’t have to tolerate businesses that profit from dead sharks.”

For more information about Bite-Back visit

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