BOOK REVIEW: Discover UK Diving

Discover UK Diving by scuba diving enthusiast Will Appleyard is a fantastically well-designed and easy-to-read guidebook.

Its effectiveness is in its simplicity, with everything from its layout to narrative designed to be uncomplicated and helpful.

Each dive is broken down into four key facts - how it can be accessed, the closest dive centre, the type of dive and the dive depth - and accompanied by a light blurb and pleasant photos.

From front cover to final page, the book looks to give what can best be described as friendly advice.

The author writes: “Discover UK Diving is a personal guide geared towards those wishing to explore some of the most accessible and popular dive sites surrounding our stunning coast, but perhaps don’t know where to start.”



Photo by Will Appleyard


While the guidebook is aimed at people who have recently started diving and should therefore know what they’re doing, such as those who have recently completed their PADI Open Water Course, it is not entirely devoid of dive tips.

The opening few pages are filled with recommendations regarding issues such as the appropriateness of drysuits and wetsuits at certain times of the year, the need for SMB proficiency and the importance of certain pieces of kit, such as knives, torches and spare fin straps.

And that’s helpful stuff. It’s by no means a text book - it’s not designed to teach you anything - rather a helpful tool for keen newbies based in the UK who are desperate to get cracking.



Photo by Will Appleyard 


The only minor drawback is that only five southern counties are covered. A more even UK spread would have been nice - particularly for those newly qualified divers in Scotland! - but then again this is a ‘personal’ introduction to diving, and the author’s stomping ground is clearly the south coast. Fair enough.

Any newly qualified divers who fancy a diving road trip around the south west, this little number would be a useful addition to the glove compartment.

Fancy buying the book or reading a little more about the author? Click here.


Will Harrison
Sport Diver Assistant Editor

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