World's Best: Wakatobi Dive Resort, Indonesia

Indonesia's Sulawesi Sea is among the world's richest coral reef environments, and Wakatobi Dive Resort provides exclusive access to some of its finest dive sites. This upscale beachfront resort sits on a small island surrounded by a private marine reserve, worlds away from civilization, but easy to reach by direct charter flight from Bali to the resort's private airstrip. Guests experience five-star service and a lifestyle that blends natural attractions with select luxuries.

The resort is just steps away from one of world's most prized shore dives, the legendary House Reef. Stretching over three miles in length, this site combines creature-rich shallows with a dramatic coral ridge. Some guests have spent their entire holiday on this site, but Wakatobi offers much more. A fleet of custom-built dive boats delivers divers to over 40 nearby sites that range from shallow coral gardens and near shore nurseries to dramatic walls and offshore sea mounts. At many of these sites, the underwater terrain rises to within a few meters of the surface, allowing divers to perform safe multi-level dives of 60 to 90 minute durations. Wakatobi is also renowned for the multitude of species that can be found on its reefs, including a number of rare and unusual sightings such as pygmy seahorses. In addition to three daily boat departures and regular night diving excursions, guests enjoy unlimited access to the house reef.

To complement diving and snorkelling, Wakatobi offers a range of other activities that includes kite and paddle boarding, nature and island tours, seminars, photo workshops and social gatherings along with group activities such as Indonesian cooking classes. There is a full-service spa on site, and concierge services to arrange special events such as private beachside dinners. The resort is also family friendly, offering nanny services and a dedicated children's program.

Villa One

Wakatobi Dive Resort Accommodation:

Four Villas (two with two full bedrooms/shower rooms), 15 Ocean Bungalows and ten Palm Bungalows.


General facilities include a restaurant with indoor and outdoor patio dining, a spa, the Jetty Bar, a Kids Club and a medical centre. Other facilities include the Longhouse gathering centre, the dive centre, a camera room, a media room and a lounge with a coffee bar.

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Wakatobi Dive Resort

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+44 20 8393 8511

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