World's Best: Papua Diving, Indonesia

Papua Diving's twin retreats Sorido Bay and Kri Eco are centrally located in the marine sanctuary of Raja Ampat on the island Kri and offer a true chance for those who take the challenge and wish to escape from clutter and every day routine.

Papua Diving cuts down their excesses to focus on you, their guest, and their front yard gift: the richest reefs of the world. Diving is world class and in close proximity to the resorts. The house reef Cape Kri holds the world record for the highest number of reef fish species - 374 - ever counted on a single dive. Kri Island is easily accessible from the jumping-off point of Sorong, served by flights from Jakarta, Makassar and other cities around Indonesia.

Sorido Cottage

Papua Diving Accommodation:

Sorido Bay Resort - One of Indonesia's most remote and comfortable dive resorts.
Seven spacious air conditioned cottages with a selected and personalised service.
Kri Eco Resort - Fundamentally down-to-earth. Thirteen rooms with minimal design, which facilitates one's appreciation of nature.

Company Name

Papua Diving - Kri Eco & Sorido Bay Resort  

Company Phone

+62 811 483 4614

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