5 Reasons to Dive with Divetech

Serving divers since 1994, Divetech offers a wide variety of diving for its guests to choose from. They prefer to dive the North Wall and Northwest Point, offering tranquil, warm waters all year round - Grand Cayman diving at its best. Here are their top five reasons why divers should choose them while diving in Cayman.

1) Divetech's Lighthouse Point shore location is home to the Guardian of the Reef. Dedicated to ocean conservation, the roman guardsman - who is half man, half seahorse - is welcoming of visitors. Standing at 17ft tall, he is accessible for all levels of diver. Lighthouse Point also boasts an abundance of corals, sponges and marine life. Access to the main wall drop off and mini wall can be achieved from Divetech's private dock or through their new ocean-fed sea pool. Located on the Northwest tip of the island, Lighthouse Point is one of the best reasons to shore dive in Grand Cayman. Visit Divetech's on-site restaurant, VIVO, serving sustainable cuisine, including lionfish.

The variety of dive sites on offer is impressive

2) Divetech offers unique signature dives. Why not try DPVs to explore the house reef? Their scooters are available to rent for both buddy and guided dives. Feel like James Bond as you discover distinct topographies, swim-thrus and tonnes of marine life. Divetech's West Bay Express is a one-way scooter dive that follows the contour of the main wall while a surface support boat follows above. This is truly one of the most unique dives in Grand Cayman!

Divers can learn to dive with DPVs

3) Boat diving is offered daily to explore the 365 dive sites Cayman has to offer. Divetech's custom dive boats offer shade and sun, camera tables and rinse tanks, large swim platforms and freshwater showers. The company's diving philosophy is to allow divers to dive to their certification levels. Profiles are run 100% on dive computers to take advantage of the multi-level walls and shallow reefs of Cayman. Guests' dives will be two one-hour profiles, 60 minutes surface to surface. Air and nitrox are readily available. From Divetech's Northwest Point location, they have quick access to the dive sites on the NW Point and the North Wall. Enjoy the dive guides' favourite dive site, Ghost Mountain - make sure you ask for it on your visit!

Dive boats allow a larger number of sites to be visited

4) Divetech is proud to be the only centre in Cayman to offer Freediving Courses. Freediving is a growing sport, and they are proud to offer it to their guests. Learn proper breathing, form, technique and safety during the Freediving Experiences and Courses. Freedive from Divetech's shore site at Lighthouse Point or join their dedicated freediving trips to the wreck of the Kittiwake.

Freediver returning to the surface

5) Closed Circuit Rebreather Diving with Divetech is easier than you think. Ever wanted to try a rebreather but not sure where to start? Ask one of Divetech's Instructors about their Rebreather Experience - a try dive on the rebreather unit of your choice. Divetech boasts numerous rebreather units for recreational or technical diving. Instructors provide an overview on how rebreathers work, followed by a shallow guided dive into the 'Silent World' with no bubbles!

Rebreather divers enjoying a dive

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