Maldives - Werner Lau, Kuda-Funafaru

Werner Lau, c/o Zitalhi Resort & Spa Kuda-Funafaru, Noonu Atoll, Rep. of Maldives

Phone: 0049 4105 690 936

Fax: 0049 4105 690 938

Email: info@wernerlau.com

Website: www.wernerlau.com

Opening Hours: 8:00 to 18:00

Air to 200 bar.




A new experience, a new beginning and a new means of appreciating nature. At Zitahli Resorts & Spa Kuda-Funafaru we offer warm Maldivian hospitality, ensuring a memorable experience.
Commence your magical journey to the east side of the Noonu Atoll, the fourth atoll from the north 188.7 kilometers (102 Nautical miles) from Male’ International Airport, with a 45 minutes seaplane flight over breath-taking azure waters. Surrounded by untouched reefs, turquoise waters and pristine beaches, this breathtaking island is one of the first resorts to be opened in the Noonu Atoll.
The island lies in a north – south position & is approx. 700m long & 250m wide. Zitahli Resorts & Spa Kuda-Funafaru is a small & extremely private island offering you the ultimate in relaxation within a luxurious atmosphere & attractive surroundings. Furthermore, the island presents ideal conditions & state of the art facilities to learn the art of scuba diving; or for the already more experienced diver, limitless opportunity to explore the stunning, untouched surrounding reefs the region has to offer...

The diving centre under the Management of Werner Lau has a state of the art equipment, thus meeting every need & requirement of their diving guests. The quality & standard of diving equipment is unsurpassed.
The Lagoon right in front of the island is the absolutely perfect location to learn the art of scuba diving! Learning how to dive has never been made more comfortable & easier. Course participants will begin their discovery of the marine world from the 1st session, following a gently sloping sand bottom down to a depth of 3m located directly in front of the diving centre.
Furthermore we offer boat diving. 2 – 3 diving boats (Dhonies) leave daily at 9:00 & 14:30 respectively. It takes approximately 5 minutes – 1 hour to reach dive sites suitable for single tank excursions.
In addition, with a travelling speed 3 times that of normal dhonies, our speed dhoni enables us to whisk our guests away in luxury to the opposite side of the atoll for an exhilarating half or full day of diving. In addition to a fresh water shower on board, there is also a toilet at your disposal.
For those guests requiring the ultimate in privacy & attention, private guiding is also available. A diving dhoni will be meticulously equipped for a maximum of 2 individuals who will then be transported to & accompanied by an instructor to a dive site of their choice. Our expert staff will naturally be able to advise you on the selection of dive sites available. The departure time of these excursions will naturally be decided by you, our esteemed guests.
As many of our dive sites are located in the inner atoll, relaxed, care-free diving is ensured. Nevertheless, there are also additional dive sites which can be more challenging, thus ensuring that the needs of our more “experienced” diver are satisfied accordingly.
Night dives from the boat, an indescribable experience not to be missed, are offered 1 – 2 weekly.
Full day & 2 Tank excursions are offered 3 – 4 times weekly. Be transported to the spectacular channel dive sites on the west side of the atoll where magnificent marine experiences await you.
There is always a selection of high quality dive sites from which to choose which will vary in degree of difficulty, thereby accommodating each guest’s level of diving skill.
There is a stunning selection of approximately 30 dive sites, all of which are exclusive to guests from Zitahli Resorts & Spa Kuda-Funafaru & on the only rare occasion, Irufushi. The benefit of diving in these conditions cannot be over emphasized!


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