Simon's Blog: Haiti

I have been asked recently about whether PADI will be setting up a Corporate charity to assist with rescue and regeneration work in Haiti.

After conducting considerable research, PADI's view at present is that the best way to aid the victims is to encourage PADI Members and Divers to donate directly to organizations that have experience with working in Haiti; starting a separate corporate fund would only slow down the delivery of aid when needed most, and PADI is not endorsing one particular organization for this effort.

Instead, we are encouraging divers to either support the charity of their choice or visit ( for a list of active charities in Haiti - full URL for Haiti is . is the website of the American Institute of Philanthropy, a nonprofit charity watchdog which provides information regarding the effectiveness of various charities for the purpose of helping prospective donors in making thier decisions.

Similar work, related directly to specific incidents and other unfortunate occurrences, is also undertaken by the Disasters Emergency Committee here in the UK; please visit  for more information on their excellent efforts, and how you can help through them.

Many thanks to all for any support you can provide!


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