SIMON'S BLOG: All set for Anglesey

As you might have seen if you’ve rummaged through the News section already, two major diving events organized by SITA this year - ScubaFest in Cornwall (3-5 May), and the Anglesey ScubaFest (15-17 August) - are ramping up to be the best-ever, with seemingly every industry meeting and email adding more for a proper celebration of British diving. For Anglesey, most of the arrangements are being co-ordinated through Martin and Caroline Sampson of Anglesey Divers (S-3648); Martin will also be familiar to many of you from his regular Dive Like A Pro column, right here in Sport Diver.
With the additional, kind support of Alex Varnals and his team from Diving Leisure in Leeds (S-1512) - like Anglesey Divers, another PADI IDC centre - Martin and PADI have extended the pool-based pursuits available at Trearddur Bay’s excellent leisure centre. Doubling the pool time from prior years, there will now be four full hours of diving discovery available on both full days of the event, and no fewer than four separate Discover programmes being conducted throughout, providing a taste of something new for divers of all experience levels:

PADI Discover Scuba programmes
A perennial favourite, more people make their first sub-surface forays through this experience than any other. If you know someone who has always wanted to join you underwater, treat them to a splash-in at Anglesey ScubaFest; like all the Discover programmes on offer over the weekend, it’s completely free anyway!

Surprising Sidemount
Growing in popularity among recreational divers, this kit configuration alternative has long been favoured by many technical divers, including the envelope-pushers in the caving community. Find out why with a PADI Discover Sidemount experience.

PADI Discover Recreational Rebreathers
Thanks to considerable manufacturer investment, technological advances have brought rebreather diving within the grasp of almost all divers. If it’s true that one has to be extremely clever to make something which operates both simply and reliably, these equipment designers must be real overachievers indeed. Come and try the fruits of their fervent scribblings, and cast your mind forward to hour-plus dives on the Thistlegorm, Zenobia or Oriskany without having to deco for hours at the end…

The Full Monty - Twin Sets!
Technical divers really find the outer limits of where diving can take people, and there’s much for the recreational diver to learn from their approach to planning and executing their dives. Their kit configurations are something to behold also, so if you have ever wondered what it’s like to dabble in the mystic world of manifolds and switchovers, some of the latest gear will be available to tempt you to the ‘dark side’.

Watch for more news of both ScubaFest events - and special thanks to the Scuba Industry Trade Association (SITA) and other organisers for giving us more excuses to go diving in the UK!

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