MARK'S BLOG: Monty back on TV

It is always good to see my friend - and regular Sport Diver contributor - Monty Halls on our TV screens, and he returned to the BBC last night in a new six-part series, The Fisherman's Apprentice.

Monty is spending his time in the tiny fishing cove of Cadgwith in Cornwall, under the watchful eye of long-time fisherman Nigel Legge, and the first episode set the scene, with Monty arriving on the South Coast and attempting to fit in and be accepted by mucking in with all and sundry, as well as giving the fishing his best shot. It was all presented in Monty's usual genial fashion, and even though he wasn't backed up this time around by his four-legged comedy sidekick Reuben, it was still good-natured, easy-viewing television. I had to laugh at the bit where he was tossing back crabs that were too small to be taken, and mid-explanation one pinched his finger and he had to fight hard to stifle a swear word or two!

Over the next episodes, Monty is set to battle turbulent weather and seasickness as he struggles to fish on his own; he follows his Cornish catch all the way to market in Europe; he swaps one of the smallest fishing boats in the UK for one of the largest, heading out into gale-force winds on a deep-sea trawler; and he travels to the USA to witness a new way of supporting sustainable fishing.

Catch up with the remaining episodes - The Fisherman’s Apprentice is on Wednesday evenings at 8pm.


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