MARK'S BLOG: Logo change at Sport Diver

Long-time readers and viewers will have noticed a change - a new logo and masthead for the Sport Diver brand.

The reason for this is that we have new owners - Bonnier Dive Publishing Ltd (the Florida-based company behind Sport Diver US and Sport Diver Asia-Pacific) acquired the title from Archant Specialist - and so all three titles are now united under one common brand, representing a truly global approach to the world of diving.

Your Sport Diver, which will be known as Sport Diver EMEA - to represent our long-time affiliation with the Bristol-based Europe, Middle East and Africa wing of PADI - will still retain all the regular sections you know and love, including dive reports near and far, informative columns, unbiased gear reviews, and the mini-mags Tech Diver, Underwater Photographer and Free Diver, but will also broaden its horizons into the rest of mainland Europe. As long-time readers will know, we already dabble in this relatively untapped area, but we'll be bringing you even more of the best diving available in the countries located just across the North Sea and the English Channel.

Tying in with this worldwide expansion of the Sport Diver brand, the PADI Diving Society is also taking on more of a global vision, which means even more benefits for members of the world's largest diving club. Being a member of the PADI Diving Society is the perfect way to meet new dive buddies, and keep yourself diving. In 2014 and beyond, expect more member-only events, competitions, trips and much, much more.

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