MARK'S BLOG: Egypt, here I come!

 As far as the weather goes, we've actually been very lucky this year. We had a cracking summer, and the decent weather hung in there right up until November time. However, now it is turning wet and cold, with frosty, foggy mornings more commonplace. So that means it is the perfect time to escape the UK and head off for some winter sun in the Middle East. Egypt, here I come!

Two weeks in the Red Sea over the Christmas break is just what the doctor ordered, and so while this is going to be a family holiday (Luke is super-stoked to be going snorkelling on Christmas Day!), there is also going to be some diving thrown in there for good measure. Can't go to the Red Sea and not chuck some dives in. Just not the done thing!

So Is anyone else heading off to warmer climes over the festive period?

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