MARK'S BLOG: Capernwray capers

 This is the fantastic view from the upper balcony of the (available-for-rent) Clearwater lodge at Capernwray inland site in Lancashire. Currently it is blowing a hoolie - and only set to get stronger tomorrow - but it is fine. Today we have had glorious sunshine, torrential rain and even a quick shower of sleet, but fingers crossed we have brilliant blue skies tomorrow when we actually get in the water!

Apparently, vis is in the region of 15-20 metres horizontally, which is perfect, as we will be joined by Bryan Stanislas from H20 Films to get some video in the bag.

Water temp is 9 degrees C, but with the wind chill it is far colder on land. I simply refuse to believe the 3 degrees C showing on the truck sensor - it must be a lie! Feels like it is into the minus for sure...

Let's see how many other loonies - I mean, keen enthusiasts - show up for a few dives tomorrow!

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