Domino's Blog: Making kids AWARE

In March, fresh from my positive experience at the London Dive Show 2014, where I supported the Youth Zone by giving a presentation about marine debris, I accepted an invitation from my daughter’s school to talk about ocean conservation to Year 5 and 6 pupils. She was so excited, I couldn't disappoint her, and to be honest, she didn't give me much choice since she had already told her teacher how keen I was to talk about the work that we do at Project AWARE! There was no way out!

I called my friends at and to the rescue to get my presentation ready. Kids are known to be a tough crowd, so I was quite nervous on the day but when they love you, they let you know it, and the children at Cleve House School, Bristol, were no different! Their beautiful ‘thank you’ cards and messages were amazing. Not only did they enjoy my visit to their school, but more importantly they were inspired to take action and pledged to help protect sharks, and reduce, reuse and recycle. One of them has even convinced her parents to book a diving course during the summer.
I was really amazed by how much they knew about sharks. They didn't know as much about marine debris, but the photos of divers diving against debris were definitely a wake-up call. "Two of the most-fascinating things I discovered were that cows kill more people than sharks each year and that more than six million tons of marine litter is estimated to enter the ocean each year," said Sam from Year 6.
My thanks go to all the children and school teachers at Cleve House School for their great work. I will keep all their beautiful cards and messages in my office to remind myself why the work we do at Project AWARE is so important for us today and future generations of divers!


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